Embrace by Jessica Shirvington (3 Stars)

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

3 Stars (I liked it, but it was only okay)


Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781402271250
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 9/1/2012
  • Pages: 384
  • Sales rank: 464,054
  • Age range: 13 years
  • Lexile: 0670L (what’s this?)
  • Series: Embrace

Summary: Violet is turning 17 and her entire world is about to change. The man (definitely a man, 5 years or so older than she is), that she is in love with, Lincoln, is about to accidentally notify her of a HUGE secret. Violet is part angel. Not only is she part angel, but she will be hunted down by angels that have decided to defect to the same plane of existence as humans. These angels have come to this plane in order to have more influence on free will. The part angels, known as Grigori, are around purely to keep these angels in check. Violet’s powers are unlocking now that she has reached her birthday, but she has to make a choice if she wants to become a Grigori or not. The catch is that even if she chooses not to become Grigori these angels will hunt her down and kill her. Doesn’t sound much like free will to me! In the midst of this, Violet is pissed off at Lincoln because she says he lied to her by not telling her about the whole Grigori thing before she accidentally overhears it. Because she is all pissy with Lincoln, she ends up cuddling up close with Phoenix, an angel who dances with her on her birthday. Her entire attitude begins to change while she is with Phoenix, but he is definitely a big help to her learning her powers and how to control things. He eventually helps her transformation and mend some of the relationship with those around her.

My thoughts: Alright, I’m starting out saying that I didn’t really like the book. I can not stand Violet. It has been awhile since I have disliked a character as if they were a real person. Usually when I dislike a character it is because of something that the author has done, Violet was well written because I disliked her as a person. This must be a triumph for the author. She has written a character that is so believable that I have had this reaction. Violet is so whiny and annoying that I wanted her to not come out ahead in the end. I was literally rooting for the angels to rip her apart.
With that all said, I don’t think that the author did a great job with the love triangle. I felt like she was trying for the same type of angle as in the Hunger Games or Twilight where you clearly have fans for each of the boys, but it didn’t work. Lincoln is too weak a character and the interactions between him and Violet are not that awe-inspiring. She tells us that there is passion in the kiss, but I just didn’t feel it. Phoenix is hot and heavy, but not necessarily a likeable character. It’s clear that he has too much influence on the scenes in which they are together in and he comes across as creepy. Phoenix is my favorite character. I would rather read a book about him, but as a love interest it just doesn’t work for me. Plus, the sex scene between the two of them is fairly mature. It was a little stunning to me compared to a lot of the YA books that are available.
Finally, the plot is predictable. I shouldn’t have to expand much on that, but the book emphasizes free will so much that I wish I would have been able to see other options for the characters. I wanted to be able to visualize other options that were viable. What viable options are there for Violet if she does not choose to become a Grigori? She other becomes one and gets full access to her powers or she doesn’t and doesn’t get full access to her powers. Regardless, she is going to be hunted down by angels. Where is the choice? Blah! That is so aggravating. After that “choice” is made (forcefully, of course), the big battle occurs with the already known villains. I bet you can guess what happens next.


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