Blood of the Revenant by N.R. Allen (3ish stars)


Blood of the Revenant by N.r. Allen

2.5-3 Stars (I’m undecided)

Product Details

  • BN ID: 2940033184330
  • Publisher: N.R. Allen, via Smashwords
  • Publication date: 4/24/2012
  • Sold by: SMASHWORDS – EBKS
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 648,188
  • File size: 672 KB

Summary: Gabriel is the fighter. His family is made up of 5 revenants. Each revenant is responsible for having one talent. Whenever Gabriel wins a fight, his family is rewarded. The problem is, Gabriel does not like fighting. He also likes the water and no other revenant does. Things in the village begin to change. Gabriel ends up stuck in the middle of two Olders, revenants who have gone into Eden and gotten their darkness, in a fight to save/destroy the machine. I know this sounds confusing, but things unravel throughout the story that don’t necessarily make sense. The machine is what runs everything and influences the revenants to do its bidding. I’m not exactly certain why or how this happens. This ends up being very vampire related and Gabriel ends up being the only non-vampire creature. His destiny is to overcome the revenants and destroy the machine. You can read it to figure out if that happens or not.

My thoughts: I felt like the entire novel was told to me. I never became a part of the novel. This meant that I never cared about the characters. Several main characters go through huge changes in short amounts of time and there are several characters that are killed. I felt nothing. I never once cared about any of the characters, including Gabriel. There were a ton of spelling and grammar errors throughout the novel. This can be frustrating. There were several times that I found sentences that didn’t make sense because a word was added in or left out. These types of things take me out of the story and make it very hard for me to get back in. I really think that the initial plot line or storyboard of this was good, but the execution needs work. I’d prefer the author to spend some more time providing the audience with clear visions. Give me vivid details of the surroundings and pull me into the emotions of Gabriel. Stop telling me, show me!


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