The Medusa Plot by Gordon Korman (5 stars)

The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot

by: Gordon Korman

Product Details

By: Gordon Korman

Summary:  The clue hunt is over, two years have passed and Dan and Amy are back in school.  Their au pair, Nellie is away at school in France (for culinary lessons, of course), Uncle Fiske is off and the teens are basically taking care of themselves in the newly rebuilt version of Grace’s mansion.  Amy even has a boyfriend!  Everything seems to be doing fine when all of a sudden Cahills start disappearing.  Even the school bus with Dan and Amy on it is attacked.  The two manage to whip the attackers into shape, but when they get the message about their family members being kidnapped and they will be killed if the younger family members (all from the clue hunt) do not follow all directions.  The only other “family” that knows about the clues and wants all that power are the Vespers.  The person ransoming the Cahills is Vesper 1.  With the help of the cousins, Amy and Dan start a new search for whatever Vesper 1 wants in exchange for their loved ones.  It leads them into an art heist for The Medusa and a few other wild adventures.  The two travel through Italy gathering a different type of clue.

My thoughts:  I love this series.  I was actually hoping that it would end up being 39 books, but know that would get redundant.  I enjoy the adventure of Indiana Jones type searches with the historical information thrown in.   This book is no different.  I enjoyed the quick pace with bits of history thrown in.  The discussion of art and art history was tied directly to art heists and several close calls.  This gives me an opportunity to learn while I root for my favorite duo.  Also, there is historical information that I haven’t heard much about.  It gives me an excuse to look up what “really” happened to the person the book references.  In any other situation, I would not even think about it.  The difference between this book and previous 39 clues books is that it’s not just Amy and Dan anymore.  All of the cousins are working together for a common goal.  They get along and each strength shines through.  We are now free to love all of the family, instead of being suspicious of all motives.  Also, this book is a little darker than previous books.  Dan is depressed, the Vespers are completely ruthless, and there are outsiders that are getting into trouble without the Cahill training.  I wonder if we know who Vesper 1 is.  I’ve enjoyed the fact that we don’t know yet.  That means there are more books to come!  I’ve really enjoyed these quick reads and can’t wait for the next version.  (5 stars)

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