LA Times Festival of Books Tomorrow!

I have four books to review and this two-hour block of time that my poor students are being subjected to endless amounts of state tests.  You would think that I would be putting this time to good use.  I would be grading papers left and right, responding to my college students about their discussion posts, and writing the four reviews that I am behind on.  However, tomorrow is the LA Times Festival of Books.  I already have my tickets.  I’m daydreaming about the fun that I will have surrounded by tons of people and listening to some great authors read their works.  This also marks the one year anniversary of my divorce.  Mixed feelings on that one, but it was what prevented me from going and meeting up with bloggers last year.  Now I feel like the book blogging friends that I was gaining have slipped away.  I suppose I should start spending more time trying to regain those friendships.  This would be a good time to do it, right?  If you are one of the masses that is going to be at the LA Times Festival of Books Saturday and/or Sunday, let me know.  I hope that I can meet a few people and begin that network/friend building again.

Best wishes to everyone!


  1. Hi Jen!–I hope you have an amazing time at the book festival–I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!–I was thinking of going, but I went to the RT Convention a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t know if I could handle so much awesomeness so close together 😉

    I’m sorry to hear about your divorce–that must have been a really tough time for you. But I think you’ll find your blogging friends to be very resilient and understanding.

    Just take things at your own pace, do what you enjoy–and enjoy what your doing–And have an AMAZING time at the book festival!!! –Oh, and bring some water and granola bars or luncheables, or something–on our first day at the convention, my sister and I got so distracted by all the amazingness, we ended up going all day without eating–oops 😉

    • Thank you. The divorce was a huge shock. I didn’t see it coming at all. Honestly, we had not fought in a long time and were planning a big vacation. He was very good at hiding everything from me. It made me realize that if it was so easy to hide then he must not have had true feelings to begin with. Who wants that in their life? Not I! So, blessing in disguise perhaps?

      First day at book festival was awesome. I think I could have sat at the YA stage all day, except I am now a nice shade of pink instead of white. I had to come home when I realized that I was going to be nice and red instead of having that possible turn into a tan color if I stayed any longer. I did get some excellent signatures and a few new books. There were some authors that rather surprised me and I didn’t have their books with me. I’m sorta upset that I couldn’t transplant my library with me just in case.

      Also, there are a ton of books that I have on my kindle and my iPod. How do I get authors to sign those?!?

  2. I’m so glad you went and had a good time!!! 😀 And *crossing my fingers* you got home in time to save yourself from painful sunburn! 😉 –I’ve certainly been there/done that!–And it doesn’t matter how many times I remember the sunscreen, it only takes one time to forget 😉

    And I totally sympathize about the autographs–part of the reason I got my Nook, was so that I could carry my entire library with me…but yes, where to autograph?–I took my camera with me to the RT convention and asked my favorite authors if I could take their pictures 😉 –I don’t remember the link, but I just saw an article saying that they’re working on a way to have digital signing pages on ebooks, where an author can sign something electronically, and then you get like a usb drive or website link that uploads to your book…I’m sure they’ll have a few kinks to work out ;D

    And it’s so hard to know what to say about a person’s relationship, but one thing is for sure, you deserve so much better!–Someone who will love you and treat you with respect 😀

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