Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Family Affairs by Jen Calonita

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: February 2009
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Format: Paperback, 352pp
  • Sales Rank: 35,226
  • Age Range: Young Adult

I have now caught up with this series.  I really shouldn’t read series out-of-order, but in this case it didn’t threw off the entire read for me.  In Family Affairs, Kaitlin and Sky have returned to the set of their hit television show to face a new villain, Alexis, the new actress hired to shake up the storyline a little bit.  There is also a whole new group of writers hired to help keep the show as a top ten.  Matty is also joining the cast.  Alexis seems to be the greatest new addition to the family until she begins to bash her co-workers and throw tantrums on set.  Kaitlin and Sky have to set aside their differences and work together in order to take Alexis down from the pedestal she seems to be on and save their jobs.  Also, Kaitlin wants to learn how to drive and make Austin’s birthday the best ever.  How can our shining star handle all of this stress without losing her mind?  Will her career make it through another scandal raised by a co-worker?

Calonita always provides a fun read that is intriguing and grips the audience into the drama.  Her little Hollywood secrets provide interesting advice for those that are always wishing to hit the big time.  It gives the audience a quick peak into the life of those stars that we just love to follow in entertainment magazines.  Kaitlin is a lovable character that is a good role model for teens.  She is in love with a boyfriend that she is not having sex with (rare it seems in YA novels currently) and she is rich but not involved in drugs or other unattractive activities.  It’s rare to find a heroine that is fun to read about and still believe that they are a good example that kids can relate to.  One of my favorite parts of this novel is when Kaitlin attempts to figure out if Austin is telling her that he loves her, or if he is just making one of those statements.  I think we all have those moments where we are trying to dissect one thing that is said to draw out the intention and the meaning.  Relating to the characters in this story makes it a quick read that I would recommend to girls ages 10-14.
5/5 stars
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