When Mike Kissed Emma by Christine Marciniak

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: July 2009
  • Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
  • Format: Paperback, 176pp
  • Age Range: Young Adult
Emma is one of the popular girls in her little private school.  She has a plan that she is going to play opposite her boyfriend on stage this year for the Sound of Music.  She is daydreaming about just that thing when she runs smack into Mike.  Mike doesn’t look quite right.  They call him Biker Mike because he wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle.  He doesn’t fit in to their school and there are more rumors about him being in trouble than anyone else.  Imagine everyone’s surprise when he shows up for the musical auditions and is great.  After everything Emma has tried, she doesn’t get the part that she wants.  She gets the lead.  However, Mike gets the opposite role.  How is she supposed to play Maria to his Captain?  Things get worse when she finds out that he really seems like a nice guy.  Everyone says bad things about him, but he takes care of his sisters and never seems to be in any trouble.  The time that she spends with him sparks feelings inside of her that she doesn’t understand.  Then he kisses her at a school dance and she can’t stop thinking about him.  Will she choose her friends over him and stand by while he may get framed for things he did not do or will she stand up for him and put herself out on a limb?  What happened to Emma’s perfect life?
I was involved in a lot of musicals in high school and they rarely developed into full-blown relationships, but it seems like this happens all of the time in the high school that Emma goes to.  If they are playing lovers in the play, then they automatically become lovers in their high school lives.  All of the characters in this story are shallow.  Even though the reader spends most of the time in Emma’s head, I don’t feel like we ever got a clear idea of what she was about.  I felt like the author was telling me what she was thinking instead of including me in those thoughts.  The feelings that she was having were never catching enough that I felt they were important.  I didn’t care for the fact that I couldn’t get into the characters.  It is a short book and I finished it, but I would not likely read it again.
2/5 stars
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