A Season of Eden by J.M. Warwick

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: October 2008
  • Publisher:Grove Creek Publishing
  • Format: Paperback, 244pp
  • Sales Rank: 212,357
A Season Of Eden is about a teenage girl named Eden that falls in love with her new music teacher.  It is forbidden, but she is 18 and used to getting what she wants.  She lives in a large house on the hill overlooking the beach.  Her mother died and her father remarried someone who she does not get along with.  He also has decided that she no longer exists.  She lived the life of a normal spoiled teenager that was on the A list in school.  She had a hot boyfriend that she cared nothing about, she went to the right parties, and she was about to graduate without having to study very hard for anything.  She had people who followed her around the halls at school, but the new music teacher, Mr. Christian, changes everything for her.  She decides that he is the type of man that she wants.  The proposed relationship opens her eyes up to all of the possible growth that she wants to make.  She starts to leave behind the immature parts of her life and grow into the type of woman who Mr. Christian would like.  However, it is a dangerous relationship.  Mr. Christian seems to allow it to go only so far and then something terrible happens.  Don’t you want to read to find out more?
As a teacher, I have a hard time reading this type of book.  I always find the idea of a teacher/student relationship sickening.  I don’t know how people can actually go through with that.  It seems that Warwick uses the excuse that Eden is eighteen and Mr. Christian is a young teacher to make the relationship seem okay, but it is still unforgivable.  I have a tendency to read these novels because I want to know before it shows up on one of my student’s reading lists.  It’s why I read Prey as well.  I think this was a better book than Prey was, but the premise is still upsetting to me.  I think that if I would have been able to forget about the teacher/student relationship and just saw it as a younger girl/older man relationship I would have found it much more enjoyable.  The writing was done well and the characters are interesting.  Eden is a complex girl who the reader finds more and more about as the story unfolds.  It is a growing up tale and most readers will enjoy it immensely.  Because of the subject and some of the sexual content I would say that this should be for high school students.
3/5 stars
  1. You are a very smart person! 🙂

  2. The plot is interesting. Although the set up of the character and the plot can be quite “uncomfortable” to some, I believe this is quite a good read to explore more about the student – teacher relationship. It would be great though if the author did put real life situation and problems that a person or a couple may encounter if they go in a type of relationship like this.

    • There is a book called Teach me by R.A. Nelson that I thought was better than this. It talked about some of the destructive aspects of a student-teacher relationship. I just have a problem with people that are supposed to protect children and their best interest blurring the lines and I believe that in A Season of Eden the boundary is crossed completely without any regret. They spend more time playing as if they were a normal couple than anything else.

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