Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • Pub. Date: March 2010
  • 336pp

Hunted is the fifth book for the House of Night series by the mother and daughter Cast team.  This books starts off with a fairly steamy dream that Zoey has of her and Kalona, the fallen angel that we met in the last book.  The beginning put me off a bit because I don’t really like reading erotica in young adult novels.  As a young adult teacher, it makes me feel like I should not let me students read this.  However, this is a hugely popular series and I think that my students will end up reading this anyway.  I just want to remind people who overt sexual instances do not need to be in young adult books, even if there are a lot of young adults that may be intimate with someone.

Away from my rant, Zoey and her gang are in the tunnels and they are finding them to be way more hospitable than they originally thought they were going to be.  It seems that Aphrodite went on a spending spree and furnished the tunnels with everything a vampyre might need.  The healing begins, but the problems are still right at the surface.  After a long night in which Eric and Zoey make-up and become a couple again, Heath shows up at the tunnels.  There is a lot of chest pounding and arguing between Heath and Eric, but Zoey ends up going outside the safety of the tunnels with Heath.  Of course this means that something bad is going to happen.  Zoey ends up injured and the only way to keep her alive is for her and her gang to go back into the House of Night.  At the House of Night, Zoey is healed by Neferet because Kalona forces her to.  Stark shows up, and everything seems to be changed.  It is immediately clear that the gang is not safe at the House of Night, so they must escape, but Kalona is not willing to let Zoey go so easily.

I like these books to a certain extent.  I really like the overall mystery and action to each of the House of Night books, but I’m tired of the romance drama.  I think that Zoey really needs to stop dating three guys at one time.  Is there a point to that?  I don’t know how many teenage girls are really suffering with that problem.  I know that teenagers often like one guy and then someone else, but they are rarely so mixed up in their feelings for multiple people at once.  In my experience, they fall in love with one boy and then out of it when they find someone new.  With each new love in Zoey’s life, she makes me irritated.  How does that girl ever get anything done?  I think the books would be better if they just stopped the foursome.

3/5 stars

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