Things I Know About Love by Kate Le Vann

Releases June 22, 2010

Things I Know about Love is written as if it was a blog that teenage Livia Stowe is writing to find out what she knows about love. Livia has battled illness for most of her life and she is finally free from the hospital. She travels to from England to America to visit her brother, Jeff, at Princeton for a holiday. While she is in America, she completes a blog that goes throughout her love life and details her trip in Princeton. She does a case study on each of her past relationships and adds to a list entitled “Things I know about love.” While she is on this holiday, she also wants to have a fling. Who doesn’t want to have a quick summer love? She bumps into her Jeff’s friend Adam, an Englishman that is also visiting his brother in America. Is Adam the quick fling that Livia wishes for, or is true love just around the corner?

This book is full of giggles, discovery, hope, and sorrow. You definitely need to have a tissue nearby as you move through this quick read. Livia is a delightful character who is hard not to fall in love with. She demonstrates the teenage characteristics that all of us growing girls have been through. She is embarrassed by how she looks, uncomfortable with some attention but unsure on how to handle it, and endlessly hopeful that the person right around the corner will be the man of her dreams. My favorite part is actually Adam’s blog entries. I think he is funny and brutally honest. The very short writings from him were a treat to read. The only downside to the novel is that it is rather predictable. After I began to know Livia a little bit, I was pretty sure I knew how the novel was going to end. I wasn’t wrong. However, knowing was not necessarily a bad thing. As a teacher, I often state that if you are able to predict what is going on next, then you have a deeper understanding of the novel itself. Maybe I’m just really tuned in to Livia and the novel.

4/5 stars

  1. This one sounds cute. I’m going to check it out 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

    • Just make sure you have some tissues nearby, while Livia is dealing with her illness, it is heartbreaking.

  1. April 18th, 2010

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