Premoving Contest-SpaFinder GC

Okay, we all know how stressful moving is.  There is the making lists (so we don’t forget anything), packing, checking to make sure everything has been picked up, transferring everything over, and then unpacking and making sure everything is in the order that you want it to be in.  Whether you are moving your home or your homepage, it is a stressful event that you pray goes exactly as you’ve planned.  Since I am making the big move over to blogger (and my own domain name, yikes!), I’m holding a contest to try to help me relax.  I have a $25 gift certificate to SpaFinder for the wonderful winner that helps me relax.  This is not just a simple giveaway, there is a bit of a challenge to it as well.  So, if your interest is piqued and you would like to enter, follow the guidelines below.  If not, I hope to see you on the other end of my move.
Entrance Guidelines:
  1. Comment on this post with a method of contacting you. (+1 entry)
  2. Find something on the web that is relaxing to you and add it into your comment.  This could be copy/pasting a picture, quote, or simply leaving the link where we can find your relaxing tip.  You must do this step, or I will not include your entry into the contest. (+1 entry)
  3. Twitter followers (+1 entry)
  4. Blog followers (+2 entries)
  5. Tweet this contest, add it to your blog, or do some other advertising for this contest and leave a link for me to check it out. (+5 entries each)
  6. Add up your total amount of entries (+1 additional entry)
Contest Guidelines:
  1. You must be a follower in order to be entered, since I am moving within a month, if you are just a twitter follower, I’ll accept that.
  2. You must email me within 48 hours if you are declared a winner.  If you don’t email me, I choose another winner.  Winners will be chosen by
  3. This is open to anywhere that has spas open.  I believe that means internationally, but you might want to check before entering.
  4. This contest ends 05/07 at 9 at midnight pacific standard time.
  1. You can contact me at tsgiveaways(at)
    This is something relaxing to me:

    I love water when I need to be relaxed =)

  2. I twitter follow you as timesurge

  3. +1 thebookvixen at gmail dot com
    +1 I want to be here, reading a book, watching the sunset.
    +1 following you on twitter (@thebookvixen)
    +2 I will be following your blog once you move to blogger 🙂 (I can’t see a “follow” button/feature on this place)
    +5 tweeted
    +5 sidebar link
    +1 add up entries
    16 total entries

    • That’s such a sweet movielike setting. I can picture growing old in some place like that. I would miss being about 2 minutes away from everything though.

  4. what a wonderful giveaway-1

    twitter follow: @shootingstarmag-1

    total + 1

    total: 3

  5. +1 I can be contacted at bangersis(at)msn(dot)com
    +1 This is where I would love to be reading a book:)
    +1 twitter follower @bangersis
    +2 blog follower
    +5 I tweeted
    + 1 for adding entry

    • karenk
    • April 28th, 2010

    how very, very relaxing…a fabulous giveaway 🙂

    • Tram
    • May 1st, 2010

    Sleeping is the most therapeutic and relaxing activity for me.

    You can contact via e-mail at

    +1 contact info
    +1 relaxation info
    +2 following blog
    +1 added entries
    Total: 5 entries

    • Tram
    • May 3rd, 2010

    I figured out Twitter! (kind of)

    +1 Follow you on Twitter (@lilac123lilac12)
    +5 Tweeted your blog

  6. Hey, great giveaway, thanks! 🙂

    +1 my e-mail: stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com
    +1 follow you on Twitter (@Stella_ExLibris)
    +2 follow your blog through Networked Blogs
    +1 greatest relaxation tip: if you want to read while relaxing and fear getting your book wet (which I always do), heer’s the way: put warm water in a basin, add either bath salt or some organic aroma oils (depending on what you want: realxing: chamomile, lavendar, jasmin, energizing: citrus, eucalyptus, pine), a bit of olive oil and soak your feet in that while you read your book, once the water is cold, rub your feet dry, do a pedi and get back on the sofa to continue to red your book! 🙂
    +5 spread the word on Facebook here:
    +5 tweeted here:
    +1 total: 16 entries

  1. April 18th, 2010

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