Talking Tails by Ann Love and Jane Drake

Releases on April 13, 2010, so get your pre-order in now!

This is a very cute nonfiction book about the connection between animals and people.  It is broken down into four basic sections.  The first section is called Pets and people: Hearts and Smarts.  This section is really short and explains the brain chemistry involved in loving a pet.  It’s done in a very good way so that even kids can understand what is going on in our brains and why we fall in love with them.  The second section is called Different Pets for Different Folks.  This section goes through fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, and horses.  This is a quick page or so for each type of animal.  The third section is A Cat in the Family.  This begins a rather large section about cats.  It goes through the transition of wild cats to domesticated cats and then a few stories about cats.  My favorite part in this section is called “I’m a Cat Person.”  My mom is a cat person and it really reminded me of her.  The last section is called A Dog in the Family.  This does the same type of thing that the cat section does.  It goes through wild dogs into domesticated dogs.  There are more about breeds in this section and puppies, but basically it is the same type of thing as the cat one.  As I am a dog person, this was definitely my favorite section.  I am a dog person and match their description pretty much to perfection.
Another great part of this book is that it has a time line that runs along the bottom of each page.  This time line shows significant dates in history that involve pets.  For example, my favorite was on A.D. 79 in Italy.  It says “Italy: a dog lies across a child to save him when the city of Pompeii is smothered in volcanic ash.  Years later, among the remains, archeologists find the dog’s silver collar, revealing that its name was Delta and that it had saved its master, Severinus, three times.”  Honestly, these little tidbits of information was well worth reading this book.
All in all, I loved this book.  I think that it would be an asset to any parents/teachers library.  Share this with your children and enjoy it yourselves as well.  Just be warned, if you are not ready for a pet, you will be by the end of the book.

5 out of 5 stars

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