Secrets of my Hollywood Life:On Location by Jen Calonita

This is the second book of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita. The reader catches up with Kaitlin right before she begins her movie shoot. She is dating Austin and attempting to learn her lines while waiting for filming to begin. However, nothing ever seems to run smoothly in Kaitlin’s life. She goes to an emergency meeting and finds out that there is a new studio publicist and co-star for her beloved Hutch Adams project. Can you guess who that co-star is? Of course, it’s Sky. So, now Kaitlin has to deal with her ex-boyfriend (the one that broke her heart and used her to get to the top), Sky, and the crazy new publicist. The stress mounts up once again, and Kaitlin has to find a way to calm herself down and go through the movie. You know what else is bad, Hutch is horrible on set. He yells at everyone. Kaitlin’s dream job is just not what she had hoped for. Can she make it through all of this drama? Can her relationship with Austin survive her working with her ex-boyfriend (who seems a little too close when the cameras around)? Also, how is Kaitlin going to deal with all of the bad press that comes with the look of dating two boys at once?

I love these books, so I can’t give a review without first putting that bias out there. I read these out-of-order, so at the moment I am catching up. On location gives the reader an idea of what a real movie set ends up being like. It’s not as glamorous as we might hope. However, I’m more interested in the soap opera like stories that seem to suck me in. The drama that goes between her and Sky and the undermining things that go into the press are just like reading the tabloids in the grocery store. They are addicting even though you know it is fake.

Austin is just the cutest boy ever and he is perfect for our sweet, naive Kaitlin. He reminds me of a couple of my students. They want to give advice even when they have no idea what they are talking about. They also have a tendency to believe that teenagers should be in complete control of their own lives (famous, or not). Perhaps that is just a teenage trait in general, but it is endearing to me. I can’t wait to continue this series and I hope that you will join me in reading them.

5/5 stars, of course!

  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

    • Thank you very much. I’m enjoying my reading and writing. I hope that you come back and visit again.

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