Emma by Jane Austen

Jane Austen is one of those writers that seems to make every female character likable, if it they are not doing the best things. Emma is just one of those characters. Emma is not the smart little heroine that Austen usually writes about. Emma is into everything, irritating, not very good at reading signs or people, and full of herself. She makes friends with another girl that is beneath her in status (or so she thinks) and then attempts to raise her sights to a possible mate that would be financially above her status. As Emma keeps attempting to make matches between her friends, she seems to misread all of the actual signs. The people that end up together are exactly the ones that she thinks should not be together. She feels like everyone is making the wrong decisions and then she finds out that she might miss out on the one that she actually loves.

I enjoyed this book, but it did not suck me in as other Austen books have. Honestly, I had to really read through my notes to come up with that brief summary because I just wasn’t intrigued enough to follow along and remember what happened. This sounds terrible because in general it was a good book. Emma gets herself in a lot of trouble and it’s always fun to see that matchmakers (even from the past) have a tendency to get things wrong. It’s more interesting to just see how love manages to work itself through in the end. This is one of Austen’s shorter books and I would recommend it if you have some time on your hands and enjoy her heroine’s that tend to cause mischief.

3/5 stars

  1. This is actually my favourite Austen to date, but them again, I’ve only read 3 so far! Like you, I liked the fact that she made Emma so sympathetic even though she was by no means perfect.

    • I think that Northanger Abbey is my favorite Austen so far. I got stuck in the high school rut of being afraid of classics, so I haven’t read a ton of the older novels until now. Austen is like a new author for me. I like how she is so honest with her descriptions of her female characters. In comparison to modern times, it is like all of the novels that are making fun of New York socialites. We have a fascination with what they are supposed to be like and what they really are like.

  2. I totally loved this book when I first read it in 10th grade! What a memorable character Emma is!!

    • I wish I was more open to reading Austen when I was younger. I was terrified of classics, and therefore classic authors made me shutter as well. I have literally just now started to read them.

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