Recess Pieces by Bob Fingerman

After searching high and low for zombie books that I may put in my library for that one special middle school student, I stumbled across Recess Pieces because of an Amazon recommendation. I figured that I would give it a quick read before I gave it to my student, and I’m definitely glad that I did. It’s not a bad story, but I’m not sure if I want to be the person to give this to one of my students to read.

The basic plot is that a science teacher in a K-12 school is working on reanimating a fetal pig while teaching two other boys in an AP biology course. It doesn’t seem to work, so the school day begins as normal. Normal for this school is a little rougher than what I remember school being like. The principal locks the students into the school. The reader follows a few younger students through their day, particularly one boy who makes a lot of bad jokes and is picked on by a bully. That boy happens to find himself in the restroom when the first sign of zombies appears. Everything goes downhill from there, and the younger students have to fight their way through multiple zombies in order to stay alive. How many will live? Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

I actually thought the story was good and the artwork was done really well also. I just don’t think it is particularly appropriate for the ages that I was shooting for. I would highly recommend this to adults that want a quick funny read and probably older high school students that can handle the sexual jokes that run throughout the story. Keep in mind that there is no particular point to this book, it is just a quick (less than an hour) read that perfectly fits the mindless zombie book/movie genre. (****)

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