The Compound

My thoughts:

* Hailey Marshall says it best in a song written by her father, “I think my dad’s gone crazy.” I am not certain if this is positive or negative, but it definitely is the main reason for the suspense in the novel. It’s always great to have a cool villain, especially one that you never sympathize with.
* You get inside Eli’s head and understand the decisions that he makes.
* Interesting accommodations. I mean, bomb shelters were a reality at points in time, it would be nice to have one that was as put together at the Compound.
* It’s nice to see a book where having all the money in the world is not the best thing.


* This book is SLOW!! It’s part of the whole method of suspense, but there were times that I wanted to put the book down. That doesn’t happen very often for me.
* It has some of the typical horror scenes in it. For the most part, everything seems realistic, but towards the end you say to yourself “that was dumb, and impossible.”
* The author’s point of view on religion, society, and power are extremely pointed out. There is no questioning ideas for yourself. He definitely tells you what you are supposed to think. ( )

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