My thoughts:

* Lots of adventure that keeps you moving from beginning to end
* Alchemy, time travel, magic, but always in a believable way.
* The enemy of the main character is reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts (one of my favorite villains)
* Septimus Heap is likable, intelligent, and generally a very well described character. I always care about what happens to him and his family members
* Marcellus Pye is interesting and makes me think about what eternal life might end up being like.
* There are moments when this book had me laughing out loud and being embarrassed by the odd stares I got from doing so.


* You have to read the first two in order to understand this book.
* There is mention of Simon, but he does not really have a part in the book. I wonder why they keep mentioning him if they won’t let the reader know what happened to him.
* There is little worth to the amount of things in this novel. I’m not sure what is considered wealthy and what is not.
* I wish there was more of a description of Queen Etheldredda other than she always looked upset. I’m sure that there could have been some metaphors and similes that could have brought her into the forefront better. ( )

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