Eighth Grade Bites

My thoughts:

* He really reminded me of an average 8th grade boy. He deals with being picked on, hangs out with his friend, and generally dislikes school.
* There is a bit of a mystery to finding out who the killer is throughout the book.
* The setting is fairly elaborate and you get a good look at the town of Bathory.
* There are many references to other famous Dracula type books, including the name of the town
* It’s a quick read.


* There really isn’t much that is gripping. I never felt like I had to keep guessing what was going to happen
* The characters are not developed well. I’m not sure if I should care about any of the dead people, the substitute teacher, or Vlad for that matter. I really only understood the character because I work with boys his age. There was no real description given and very little emotion involved.
* I still have no idea what the point of the symbols are or what they mean. Why add them in if they are just to annoy the main character. ( )

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