Dating4Demons by Serena Robar

It is hard to take this type of novel too seriously. I enjoyed the fact that this story focused more on Piper, the sidekick, rather than Colby. I’ve found Colby to be quite an annoying character. She is too self-centered and takes the cheer leading stereotype too far. I was struggling through the last book in this series because I just can’t stand that character. Piper on the other hand has some meat to her that doesn’t drive me batty. She is more down to earth and solves mysteries in her own way. In Robar’s Dating4Demons, we find out more about Piper and she ends up with a love interest. Yay for the normal, not preppy girls! As in the first two of this series, Colby is set to save the half breeds, and possibly the world, in this tale. There is more teamwork involved and trust issues. Colby has to learn that all important lesson that she is not the most important thing in the world in order to save the world. What a concept. There are some adult situations that may be inappropriate for younger readers, but in general Robar is the author of fun books that are quick and easy. This is not something I would walk around in public reading, but it would only take a few hours at home to enjoy. ( )

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