Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging

My thoughts:

* Georgia is hilarious. I mean, she shaved off her eyebrows and went to some guy for kissing lessons without realizing that he was sorta dating her. I love how much these books make me laugh.
* The little glossary in the back of the book to help us understand the British slang is almost funnier then actions in the story. Sometimes I crave the usage of these terms. I want to start saying knickers, etc.
* Angus chases an annoying poodle. Cats are totally not supposed to scare dogs, but it’s quite funny when they do.
* Georgia is a bit troublesome, but endearing in school (just like I was).
* You get to meet all of the crazy characters that show up in the future books. Like my favorite, Sven, the crazy exchange student that ends up being one of the Ace Gang’s boyfriends.


* The Sex God doesn’t sound attractive to me at all.
* I still don’t know what “wet” means when used as an adjective to describe someone (who is dry).
* As Georgia gets older, she doesn’t seem to change that much. I know that as everyone moves through middle school their attitude changes a lot, but hers seems to stay the same. She just seems to understand guys a little differently. ( )

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